Sunday, October 31, 2010

today, me and the home boys went out for Halloween.  First, we went Jason Mak's house.  I stole some of his candy and he says we ruined his day.  He wouldnt open his door because he was being a total meanie.  We started lightning firecrackers around his house and finally he opened up.  Later, everybody came and then we waited until it was dark.  We walked around his neighborhood and lit firecrackers wherever we walked.  Jason Mak was the only one trick or treating because he wanted the candy that we stole back.  It was really cold outside and when i got back home, I think i got a little frost bite on my fingers.  For dinner, I didnt eat at home, instead we just went to McDonald's near Jason's house.  Some of the special firecrackers we had were called the Canadian Barrage and the Tsunami, which made coloured explosions in the air.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

sup guys, typing this from my iPhone. Today I had to go to tutor and it was so boring; I lean nothing there. When I came home I had to go through hell, YUM CHA. I hate yum cha because it is sooo boring and it takes so long. Also it is so bad for you, yum cha is worse than mcdonalds for your health. I can't believe that it's one of the most unhealthy things on the planet, and i have to go often because of my family. The good thing about going was that I could go to dairy queen because it was close by. The funny thing was that my Reese Blizzard was more healthy than the food at yum cha. Instead of getting my usual Oreo flavour, I got Reese. It tasted pretty good and I think I'm going to get this from now on. Today I was stressed because there were even more noobs when I was playing DotA. I feel like i'm a noob magnet or I'm the garbage man because I just collect trash. The levels of noobs are increasing everyday, I wonder how bad it's going to be when Dota 2 comes out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

instead of doing multiple blogs a day, I think I am going to do one big one at the end of the day instead.  So, this morning I woke up at 8:28, and class started at 8:35.  Amazingly, I wasn't late because my dad drove me to school.  It took me 7 minutes to get ready and to get to class, I think that is a new record.  The day was easy, I have a little homework but it's fine.  After school I went on to Steam and right away, Danton, Darren and Theodore demanded me to play L4D2 with them.  Throughout the whole 1 hour we played Darren kept scaring me and started threatening me.  While we were playing, I ordered a pizza from Dominos.  It was a pretty good pizza, but it was only medium sized so I couldn't eat a lot.  Later I played PopKart with my friend Jason Mak.  I owned him every time but it is still OK because he's really not that bright in real life.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

end of the day

Hello everybody, my first day of blogging is over.  It is now 10:32pm and I am about to go to sleep.  Overall, today was a good day, there wasn't a lot of work, I had a lot of time to play at home and got my internet working again.  While I was playing DotA with pubs, i noticed that the ones from the bot DotaPub were much better than the ones from DotaCash.  The pubs from DotaPub weren't complete scrubs like the ones from Cash.  The reason i have to play DotaCash now is that there is something wrong with DotaPub and my connect, it shows that I have over 400 ping when really i only have about 30.  While I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 today I didn't really get to play a good game because the games only lasted a few minutes at a time.  If anybody wants to play L4D2 with me, you can add me on Steam.  PM me for username.

yay internet is back

YAY I'm back to the future, my internet is working upstairs so now i can DotA again and surf the internet.  The problem was that the people renting my house changed their cable provider or something and they guy cut the downstairs internet, making me not have internet downstairs.  my setup is in my mom's room, the only room with another plug in the wall i could connect to, its fine though because shes mostly never in here. I'm laying on the bed and the monitor is on my tower.  Good thing i don't have an eyefinity setup or else i wouldn't have room to put all the monitors.

money management assignment

Got a new assignment for budgeting, it seems pretty easy, I got bank teller $40,000. With a mid range income, i don't have to worry about things like gas and car insurance because I'm going to be taking the bus. After I  got home from school, I checked the internet, it isn't working though =(. 7 more days til the guy comes to fix it. It's 4:26pm and I'm watching fight club while eating 60 calorie Oreos. Fight club is pretty boring.. I wonder when it's going to get exciting. This is going to be the one of the most boring weeks in my life because all there is to do is do homework and watch tv but homework only takes like 10 mins so for the rest of the day i have nothing to do.