Sunday, October 31, 2010

today, me and the home boys went out for Halloween.  First, we went Jason Mak's house.  I stole some of his candy and he says we ruined his day.  He wouldnt open his door because he was being a total meanie.  We started lightning firecrackers around his house and finally he opened up.  Later, everybody came and then we waited until it was dark.  We walked around his neighborhood and lit firecrackers wherever we walked.  Jason Mak was the only one trick or treating because he wanted the candy that we stole back.  It was really cold outside and when i got back home, I think i got a little frost bite on my fingers.  For dinner, I didnt eat at home, instead we just went to McDonald's near Jason's house.  Some of the special firecrackers we had were called the Canadian Barrage and the Tsunami, which made coloured explosions in the air.