Friday, November 19, 2010

Cure to Prostate Cancer?

Hey guys, more medical/bio news for all you bio nerds!  So, they found that soybeans can help with prostate cancer. Here is the article

     Researchers at Northwestern University have found that genistein, a natural chemical found in soy, inhibits prostate cancer cells from becoming metastatic and spreading to other parts of the body.
Advocates of holistic living have long championed the fact that food can be used to fight serious illnesses and diseases, including cancer. For the most part, traditional medicine has cautioned against these claims, but this new research might be proof that they can’t avoid.
The study examined 38 men that were diagnosed with localized prostate cancer. When administered once a day in pill form, one month prior to surgery, it was found that the soybean drug had beneficial effects on the prostate cancer cells.
When examined after surgery, researchers found that patients that received genistein enjoyed an increased expression of genes that suppress the invasion of cancer cells and decreased the expression of genes that enhance invasion.
Although the results are promising, scientists say that another phase of the study is needed to determine if the soybean drug can really prevent cancer cells from moving out of the prostate and into the rest of the body
If additional phases of the study are successful, it will be the first instance of a non-toxic drug that targets and inhibits cancer cell movement.
“If this drug can effectively stop prostate cancer from moving in the body, theoretically, a similar therapy could have the same effect on the cells of other cancers,” said Raymond Bergan, professor of hematology and oncology at Northwestern University.

This can mean a lot of people will be saved, and just like the technology to turn skin into blood, another way to keep humans alive longer!


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