Monday, November 15, 2010

More double down news

Hey guys, I have bad news for all you Vancouverians. I am dissappointed because now I will never try another double down.

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - After selling more than one million of the bun-less sandwiches, KFC has pulled the Double Down off menus. It featured two pieces of chicken, two pieces of bacon, cheese, and the Colonel's savoury, secret sauce and was available here for less than a month.

Yes, you read right. This slobbering piece of meat, basically death solidified, is now removed from Vancouver!! I am very sad, maybe I can get it when I go Seattle or other cities...


  1. Good thing I'm not from Vancouver =)

  2. The phrase "double down" has become weirdly overused lately. I wonder if its KFC viral marketing.

  3. never was in a KFC in my whole life , no problem for me sir

  4. About 40% of the food produced in the United States isn't consumed! wow that is an amazing statistic! especially considering we are a fat society!