Tuesday, November 2, 2010

iPad 2!

finally, can blog on computer.  today, stupid GARY got me in trouble because he kept FIDGETING and teacher thought it was me.  I think his rashes are making him a bit crazy and feisty.  Thank god i don't have rashes.

So, the iPad 2 is coming out soon and there will be many things to upgrade in order to compare to the iPhone and iPod Touch.  First of all, it will need to have what the current iPhone and iPod Touch have, retina display and FaceTime.  Nobody is going to want to have an iPad that isn't as good as previous apple products.  With the retina display, the iPad will be better than almost anything for watching movies on the go,  For example when you are in a couple hour long car ride. Right now, there are not many products that you can FaceTime with; having it added in the iPad 2 will make FaceTime even more popular.  The other thing it must have is multitasking and better app switching support.  The iPad will let you do many things at a time and if the snap feature from Windows 7 is implemented, you will need multitasking to have it work.  Maybe you will be able to watch videos while surfing the web with the new iPad.  This will make it a very hot item because no other product like this can do that and it makes everything just so much more convenient.


  1. retina display on an iPad would be pretty slick. Need HD capabilities for sure

  2. eh I'm not really an apple fan but does look pretty cool

  3. I'm going to go for the cheaper non apple ones, I only want it to read comics...